Arcoflex Remote Monitoring and Control
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Grain Remote Monitoring and Control
Arcoflex will:

  • Display predicted days to empty & tonnes remaining.
  • Monitor and display feed usage rates.
  • Monitor delivered tonnage.
  • Set re-order level alerts.
  • Optionally send a re-order request to a nominated supplier.
  • Provide long term trend analysis of contents usage rates, refills and tonnes used.
  • Optionally react to accounting system outputs, based on delivered or ordered tonnage.
  • Provide automatic aggregation across multiple farms.

Monitor stock feed or grain levels in silos –“ the days of throwing stones at the side of the silo are over”. Manage your silos and never run out of feed again or suffer waste from over filling. From the perspective of a mill, this enhances production efficiency by being able to plan commodity batches and coordinate delivery more effectively. From the perspective of a farm, feed usage can be coordinated with feed consumption to provide genuine husbandry output with regard to food and water efficiency and stock health. This applies equally to dairies, poultry farms and piggeries.

Typical solutions, including installation, cost less than $10,000. How it works! Brochure

Arcoflex Remote Monitoring and Control for Agriculture and Industry
Office: 03 9762 3155 Sales: 0456 688 931
Arcoflex Remote Monitoring for Agriculture & Industry
Phone: 0456 688 931
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