Arcoflex Remote Monitoring and Control
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Save Time with Arcoflex Remote Monitoring
Everyone is time poor & farmers or factory managers are top of the list. Arcoflex allows you to go about your other daily buiness whilst carefully monitoring equipment or asset performance & operation on your behalf. Having Arcoflex at your back provides for more efficient use of your time and allows you to oversee operations and other staff activities without having to be there all the time. Arcoflex will allow you to:
  • Monitor equipment from your home or whilst on the tractor.
  • Be alerted to problems whilst working elsewhere on the farm.
  • Stop irrigation pumps to fix leaks without having to travel to the pump.
  • Turn motors on and off without having to visit the control panel.
  • Replace manual record taking with automated measurements.
  • Direct alerts to site managers and/or electricians, thus removing double handling.
  • Automatically switch over to your solar or diesel assets remotely.
  • Open exhaust or inlet ventilation systems immediately.
  • Start load balancing motors without having to attend the site.
  • Automatically push important notifications to other staff.
  • Go on holidays & still know every aspect of your operation.
Typical systems, including installation, cost less than $10,000.  How it works!
Arcoflex Remote Monitoring and Control for Agriculture and Industry
Office: 03 9762 3155 Sales: 0456 688 931
Arcoflex Remote Monitoring for Agriculture & Industry
Phone: 0456 688 931
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