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Remote monitoring and control solutions are changing agricultural practices everywhere. Modern IoT solutions are introducing highly cost effective ways to increase productivity and reduce risk. Proactive alerting can provide real time notifications for faults and alert states and even allow remote control of critical infrastructure. Arcoflex Sensei brings affordable IoT solutions that provide a complete solution for the target activity. No complex setup, a single subscription service and everything configured up front.


Nurseries & Hothouses Learn more »

Monitor temperature, humidity and soil moisture. Collect growing conditions data and manage air locks for bia security.


Irrigation Monitoring Learn more »

Monitor filter health, flow characteristics, line pressure and pump operation.


Grain and Feed Silos Learn more »

Never run out of feed again and never overflow your silo on delivery. Predict next refill time.


Prototyping Learn more »

Reduce your time to market with our developer friendly hardware and software prototyping kits. You can choose from software only to fully intergrated sensor-processor configurations.

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