Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    How it works

    Arcoflex is designed, developed and built by an engineering and coding team in Melbourne, Australia. All of the firmware, cloudware, hardware, alert management and reporting is designed by the same team of people. Our team has a long history of automation experience, including SCADA and PLC integration and control. The reason Arcoflex is so low in cost and so flexible is that it integrates with sensors at the lowest level.

    Our Arcoflex gateway unit connects to the Internet via built in 3G/4G services. You won't have to organise a SIM card and account. An Arcoflex gateway can monitor around 30 sensors and control up to 10 devices.  All geographical sites are represented in a customized dashboard. Where a site has multiple control units, they can be managed separately or combined into aggregated units. You can report across multiple units or sensors to achieve aggregated reports for commodities or group your sensors into zones. With customisable features and solutions for modern agricultural and industrial operations, Arcoflex can significantly reduce product and asset risk and increase productivity, and therefore, profits.

    Data Services and Process Efficiencies

    Arcoflex doesn’t just record sensor data for reactive alerting and preventative maintenance. Behind the scenes is a powerful relational data platform. Whilst we use it internally to drive our trending and charting processes, it is an extensive API capable of rendering BI data streams, including to third party consultants and agronomists. Right now, however, Arcoflex works directly with its customers, leveraging collected data to help transform farming and management practices Having data and automatically controlling equipment is important but Arcoflex goes one step further. By reviewing data over a period of days and against recorded conditions, we can help optimise farm practices, save electricity and generate better produce quality. Contact us today to find out how we can streamline your farm or business management practices

    Visualisations with Arcoflex

    All Arcoflex installations come with an easy to read dashboard. At a glance, monitor all configured sensors and assets. You receive real time notification of exceptions by SMS or email, giving you the flexibility to update and optimize alerts and data flow in real time. What sets Arcoflex apart from other simple monitoring solutions is that you can control equipment, sound alarms, manage pumps and turn lights on or off, all based on conditions detected by other sensors. The configuration for all this is surprisingly easy and user friendly.

    Find out how your business can benefit using Arcoflex’s combined 30 years of experience with automation and monitoring software and solutions and discuss how our engineers can help you to analyze your data and help you to optimize your farm or industrial business needs.
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    Dashboards will vary according to the sensors installed and monitoring required.
    Access your Arcoflex Dashboard here:

    Specification Summary:

    • 110V/240V AC Mains
    • Battery Backup
    • 24/7 Support
    • GSM Enabled (3G/4G)
    • LAN Enabled
    • 12 x Analogue Inputs
    • 8 x Digital Inputs
    • 8 x Relay Outputs
    • SMS and email Alerts