Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    Water Management Monitoring

    Monitor filter health, flow characteristics, line pressure and pump operation, including for hard and bore fed irrigators. Remotely supervise backwash or sterilizing units. Monitor centre pivot spans for breakdown or incorrect operation. Monitor soil moisture at multiple points to help control water and power usage and manage fertiliser dosage rates effectively. Where pivots are involved, Arcoflex can monitor each arm for operation and travel. Know exactly where the pivot breaks down and be able to stop your pump remotely.

    Typical solutions cost less than $15,000, plus installation.

    • Control pumps remotely, including speed, stopping and starting. 
    • Monitor current system: water flow, filter health and sterilizer state.
    • Monitor micro filter pressure differentials.
    • Monitor line pressure to alert for leaks or line loss. 
    • Record water volume and chart long term usage trends.
    • Record pump activations: when, how often and why.
    • Monitor mains power availability.
    • Set monitoring levels for your designated soil moisture alerts.
    • Long term trend analysis for flow, filter efficiency and steriliser life.