Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    Industrial Equipment Monitoring

    Arcoflex monitoring can bring a new layer of maintenance transparency to any factory. Whether it is levels of industrial chemicals, silo storage or just motors, pumps and presses, Arcoflex will tell you in advance about issues of out-of-tolerance operation.  This will enable you to schedule maintenance for maintenance windows, rather than waiting for production-time breakdowns forcing repairs.  Proactive monitoring will help maintenance agencies achieve their SLA and reduce production loss time for the client. Arcoflex monitors vibration, temperature and micro-spacing distance tolerances with ease. Couple this with chemical bin and fuel levels to achieved advanced notification for controlled item replenishment. 

    Arcoflex can also integrate deeply with your PLC - we can add alarms to your SCADA solutions or take PLC outputs and put them on your Arcoflex dashboard. Integration at all levels should be assumed.

    Typical solutions cost less than $15,000, plus installation.

    • Monitor total noise levels/variances.
    • Monitor specific gears or bearings.
    • Show degradation trends in performance.
    • Display predicted days to failure.
    • Optionally monitor and display equipment load.
    • Monitor current draw and conveyor speeds.
    • Monitor the temperature of critical components. (rollers, conveyors, motors...)
    • Control equipment—remotely start load balancing assets or remotely shut down motors under stress.
    • Provide long term trend analysis of motor performance and load efficiency.
    • Integrate with on-site PLCs for both inputs and outputs.