Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    Why Use Arcoflex? Why not lower your blood pressure?

    Arcoflex is all about releasing the operator from the tedium and inaccuracies of manual monitoring and relying on humans for intervention or reaction. Intelligent automation helps overcome the issues with lower staff numbers of unqualified operators. Whether you are out baling hay, in the pub relaxing or just too busy, Arcoflex will be there to watch all the vital signs and take action when appropriate. Here are some examples of where Arcoflex helps lower your blood pressure and gives you confidence to do other things: 

    Typical Arcoflex systems, including installation, cost less than $10,000. 

    • Gain peace of mind when offsite by being able to monitor equipment remotely.
    • Control equipment - remotely start assets or remotely shut down motors under stress.
    • Remotely lock or open doors and control critical equipment.
    • Monitor equipment health for preventative maintenance purposes.
    • Never run out of feed or suffer blocked augers.
    • Let Arcoflex monitor and re-order refills for your silos.
    • Monitor irrigation system water pressure to be alert for leaks, foot valve issues or unexpected line losses.
    • Monitor teat cup vacuum to prevent stock discomfort and/or improper fitting.
    • Be told when you have excess solar energy and use it for water heating, cooling or crushing grain.
    • Know the exact cost of all your key electrical assets.
    • Be advised when environmental conditions render your cooling tower pointless.
    • Know when your water tanks are reduced to critical levels and why.
    • Go on holidays and still keep up with everything going on at your farm or factory.