Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    Farm and Industrial Energy

    Arcoflex will allow you to save on your power bills. Whether it is integrating with your existing solar energy solution or just better management of your electrical assets, Arcoflex will save you many times its own cost annually. Here are some of the measures our customers have taken to save electricity and better control their assets. 

    Typical solutions cost less than $15,000, plus installation. 

    • Monitor door & window open detection to better manage airflow.
    • Monitor fan or other electrical equipment failure.
    • Monitor cooling to save electricity with product temperature probes.
    • Control compressors and evaporators by time of day or when doors are open, to save money.
    • Intelligently control evaporator fans for higher efficiency.
    • Use ambient conditions to manage cooling towers.
    • Use ambient conditions to help control air ventilation effectively.
    • Use soil moisture monitoring to control water pump speed & operation.
    • Use heat exchanger management to reduce vat chilling costs.
    • Stop equipment burnout when electrical supply issues arise.
    • Use excess solar power to pre-chill or pre-heat water.
    • Use excess solar power to crush grain or run augers.