Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    Intensive Farming - Feedlots

    Feedlot management involves a completely different form of husbandry and stock control. Whether this is pigs or cattle, the issues that need monitoring revolve more around gate control feed delivery and water supply. Arcoflex can monitor all these things, including water chillers, air circulation fans and more. In fact, incorporating RFID monitoring technology into your feedlot will mean total animal location control, including anti-rustling measures.

    Typical solutions cost less than $20,000, plus installation.

    • Monitor yard temperature and humidity
    • Monitor yard water supply and delivery mechanisms
    • Detect fan or heating equipment failure 
    • Monitor and record gate openings
    • Control feed delivery mechanisms
    • Use the ambient conditions to help control ventilation. 
    • Use RFID technology to track animals
    • Monitor and control air shades or curtains, circulation fans, exhausts, and bio-security gate management