Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    Lifestyle, Hobby  & Small Farms

    Lifestyle, hobby and small farmers are often not regularly on farm. We can help you remotely monitor and notify you around farm security, physical access, sheds, buildings, doors, windows and other farm assets. Do this from any standard PC, tablet or smart phone. Our real-time monitoring systems keep a permanent record of all access points on your farm so you can ensure continued security. With timely text and email alerts, you are aware of  all  access to your property, movement within buildings and around yards, equipment malfunction or inattentive staff, water tanks, troughs, stock feed and more. Our automated data recording features minimize equipment failure and the cost of unnecessary physical attendance to hothouse sites. Monitor your assets’ security with an Arcoflex Gateway today.

    Typical solutions cost less than $6,000, plus installation.

    • Intelligent alert dashboards for defined conditions.
    • Monitor gate, door or window access points, control and direct video cameras, monitor stock troughs and water tanks.
    • Monitor equipment health and power failures.
    • Use internal or external motion detectors.
    • Configurable to monitor and control lighting, sirens, air circulation.
    • Remotely lock or open doors and control critical equipment.
    • Environmental monitoring for moisture, humidity, temperature, solar irradiance, particulate matter and weather stations.
    • Sound local alarms or control lighting in response to on site events.
    • Self installation options.