Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    Monitoring Mill Operations

    Remotely monitor hammermills, pellet presses, mixers, motors, pumps, conveyors, air fans and intake silo levels from your favourite web browser. Do this on any PC, tablet or smart phone or connect through your PLC. Set alerts to notify of variances in machine noise in order to proactively schedule out of tolerance equipment for maintenance. Monitor air extraction fans for HR compliance. The resulting impact is significantly less down time and better productivity. Our real time monitoring systems have helped our clients by proactively scheduling preventative maintenance and thus averting catastrophic breakdown. You will no longer need to routinely send staff to check and listen to motors for failing components. Get accurate reports predicting when failure is likely to occur.

    Typical solutions cost less than $15,000, plus installation.

    • Monitor total noise levels/variances.
    • Monitor specific gears or bearings.
    • Show degradation trends in performance.
    • Display predicted days to failure.
    • Optionally monitor and display equipment load.
    • Monitor current draw and conveyor speeds.
    • Monitor the temperature of critical components. (rollers, conveyors, motors...)
    • Control equipment—remotely start load balancing assets or remotely shut down motors under stress.
    • Provide long term trend analysis of motor performance and load efficiency.
    • Optionally integrate with on-site PLCs for both inputs and outputs.
    • Monitor hammer-mills, pellet presses, mixers, motors, pumps, conveyors, extraction fans and intake silo levels.
    • Combine this with aggregated farm silo level monitoring to transform commodity production planning & delivery logistics management.