Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    Motor and Machinery Monitoring

    Monitor pump and motor gears, bearings and winding temperatures. Get real time current draw per phase to help optimise motor utilisation with optional inputs and outputs from the plant PLC. 

    Typical solutions cost less than $15,000, plus installation.

    • Monitor total noise levels/variances.
    • Monitor specific gears or bearings.
    • Show degradation trends in performance.
    • Display predicted days to failure.
    • Optionally monitor and display equipment load.
    • Monitor current draw and conveyor speeds.
    • Lower costs from reduced on-site visits by being able to monitor equipment remotely.
    • Control equipment—remotely start load balancing assets or remotely shut down motors under stress or showing faults.
    • Provide long term trend analysis of motor performance and load efficiency.
    • Provide cost details (actual and estimated) for all significant assets.