Arcoflex Remote Monitoring and Control
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Irrigation Remote Monitoring and Control

Arcoflex will:

  • Control pumps remotely, including speed, stopping and starting.
  • Monitor current system state: water flow, filter health and sterilizer state.
  • Monitor microfilter pressure differentials.
  • Monitor line pressure, to alert for leaks or line loss.
  • Record water volume & chart long term usage trends.
  • Record pump activations: when, how often & why.
  • Monitor mains power availability.
  • Set monitoring levels for your designated soil moisture alerts.
  • Long term trend analysis for flow, filter efficiency & steriliser life.

Monitor filter health, flow characteristics, line pressure & pump operation. Remotely supervise backwash or sterilizing units. Monitor centre pivot spans for breakdown or incorrect operation. Monitor soil moisture at multiple points to help control water, power usage & manage fertiliser dosage rates effectively.
Typical solutions, including installation, cost less than $10,000.  How it works! Brochure

Arcoflex Remote Monitoring and Control for Agriculture and Industry
Office: 03 9762 3155 Sales: 0456 688 931
Arcoflex Remote Monitoring for Agriculture & Industry
Phone: 0456 688 931
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