Arcoflex Remote Monitoring and Control
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Power Supply Remote Monitoring and Control
Arcoflex will:

  • Monitor phase voltage variances & earth spikes.
  • Compare supply & delivery side energy consumption.
  • Show & record all phase variations.
  • Monitor & record current draw per phase.
  • Provide long term trend analysis of supply metrics.
  • Monitor billed consumption costs per commodity.
  • Record load utilisation across your farm & predict or evaluate actual supply costs.
  • Integrate with diesel generators &/or solar PV arrays.

Monitor single & three phase supplies or single to three phase converters. Watch current draw & voltage per phase and monitor earth spikes. Record data for audit purposes or set alerts for sub-optimal supply conditions. Don't let your equipment burn out just because supply conditions were poor.
Typical solutions, including installation, cost less than $10,000.  How it works! Brochure
Arcoflex Remote Monitoring and Control for Agriculture and Industry
Office: 03 9762 3155 Sales: 0456 688 931
Arcoflex Remote Monitoring for Agriculture & Industry
Phone: 0456 688 931
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