Arcoflex Remote Monitoring and Control
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Cold Storage Remote Monitoring and Control

Arcoflex will:
  •         Monitor temperature, humidity, ethylene & CO2 levels.
  •         Manage power supply & cooling to save electricity.
  •         Monitor compressor pull-down efficiency.
  •         Monitor & display door usage.
  •         Control air exchange for CO2, ventilation & humidity management.
  •         Monitor light levels (for photo sensitive plants).
  •         Long term trend analysis of temperature, door opening & compressor efficiency.
Reduce product risk & losses by monitoring your cool room or freezer temperature accurately. Protect the quality of stored product by monitoring CO2 for product spoilage, ethylene for ripening progression and humidity for shrinkage. Control & manage air ventilation.
Typical solutions, including installation, cost less than $10,000. How it works! Brochure

Arcoflex Remote Monitoring and Control for Agriculture and Industry
Office: 03 9762 3155 Sales: 0456 688 931
Arcoflex Remote Monitoring for Agriculture & Industry
Phone: 0456 688 931
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