Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    Intensive Farming - Poultry

    Monitor  temperature , auger feed delivery and silo feed or grain levels.  Maintain stock feed levels to avoid wastage. Monitor water pressure to keep heat exchanges operating properly and maintain water to drinking troughs. Integrate with solar PV systems and track available excess solar energy along with power monitoring. Arcoflex can reduce your power consumption substantially. 

    For both broiler and egg layer farms, Arcoflex has the solution. With integrated monitoring for ammonia, temperature and humidity, Arcoflex can manage air quality ventilation and alert the farm manager to dangerous or out of compliance conditions. Manage shed air quality before the inspectors pick up issues. Also monitor things like water supply, silo levels for re-ordering and access security. All electrical apparatus can be monitored for operational readiness and implementation. Know instantly about power failures or air circulation issues. 

    Typical solutions, including installation, cost less than $10,000

    • Monitor shed ammonia, temperature, humidity and water supply.
    • Detect fan or other electrical equipment failure.
    • Monitor and record door or window opening.
    • Display silo levels and predict refill dates.
    • Monitor and display usage rates for silo commodities.
    • Set a re-order level for feed silos.
    • Use the ambient conditions differential to help control ventilation. 
    • Provide for automatic alert elevations for loss of communications.
    • Monitor and control air shades or curtains, circulation fans, exhausts, and biosecurity airlock and related activities.