Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    TAPP Smart Label

    Arcoflex TAPP Smart Label is an item identification slip that contains more advanced technologies than conventional bar code data. The most common enhancements in smart labels are QR codes, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags and specially configured tags. Remotely monitored via smart phone. This will ensure tracking and monitoring of vital product information, from farm gate to store.

    Our real time monitoring systems have helped our clients by real time monitoring and real time data about their product.

    Arcoflex TAPP Smart Cards The Most Powerful and Cost Effective On The Market

    Our remote monitoring systems collect, analyse and disseminate data in real time from anywhere. Dashboards can be customised to your specific farm, logistics and business requirements and will scale and adapt to suit your operation. Developed with state-of-the-art sensors and sophisticated Cloud based aggregation tools, Arcoflex Tapp smart labels has the following capabilities:


    • Records temperatures as determined in anytime intervals.
    • When tapped, the exact geographic coordinates of   where, including the address is recorded.
    •  Long Battery Life.
    • 100% water proof options.
    • Food safe certified and fully biodegradable.

    • They can be linked to grower ID, variety,   commodity and more.

    • Its battery backup should power fail.
    • The labels are printed with custom logos, instructions, owner information and more.

    • Data is automatically uploaded and reports   automatically generate, in real time.

    • Cost effective.

    • Insurance and legal benefits.

    • Future labels will incorporate shock, vibration, humidity and gases.