Remote Monitoring and Control of Agricultural and Industrial Assets

    Dairy Farm and Silo Monitoring

    Monitor vat temperature and volume, auger feed delivery and silo feed or grain levels. Ensure vats are kept at optimal temperatures to avoid milk rejection and record milking volumes to measure feed conversion and animal health. Maintain stock feed levels and avoid wastage. Monitor water pressure to keep heat exchangers operating and water to drinking troughs. Integrate with solar PV systems and track available excess solar energy. Along with power monitoring, Arcoflex can reduce all your power consumption to cents per litre. 

    Combine all this with silo level monitoring and auger feeds into your dairy machinery and you have the complete picture of feed usage and re-ordering requirements. Match this back to milk production for real husbandry insights into your herd.

    Micro Gateways are also available for Vat monitoring only.

    Typical solutions cost less than $15,000, plus installation.

    • Improve cost efficiencies throughout your dairy operation.
    • Monitor and record vat washing cycles and milking volume.
    • Monitor water pressure, filter blockages, heat exchange efficiency.
    • Display vat temperature and volume, including per milking.
    • Display predicted days to empty for all silos and feed tonnage, re-order date, auger blockages and feed usage per milking.
    • Monitor suction cup vacuum.
    • Monitor and record milk delivery pressure, milking rates per head.